SAE is against hazing

Our fraternity supports the Anti-Hazing Law of the Philippines (RA 8049).

One of our founders, Bro Arsenio U. Baquilid penned an article titled “Hazing must be stopped.” It was published in the “Opinion” section of Philippine Daily Inquirer’s September 22, 2017 issue.

The recent death of a UST law student who was a neophyte of Aegis Juris fraternity is a shocking story. It shouldn’t happen because the alumni who are faculty members of UST are lawyers who teach law, and the collegiate members are law students who are learning the law.

Therefore, it is expected that they will not violate Republic Act No. 8049 or the Anti-Hazing Law. Initiation is a mandatory requirement for joining a fraternity. I know it because I am a founder of an international fraternity in the Philippines, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Initiation rites test neophytes on their mental, psychological, and social characteristics in accordance with the fraternity’s standard. But it is not to test the applicant’s physical resilience.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.