Destined to lead: Epsilonian Twins

Content copied verbatim from PNPA’s Facebook page.

Destined to Lead: The Apurada Twins of ALAB-KALIS Class of 2022

“Brothers are like streetlights along the road. They don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.”

Entering the portals of the Philippine National Police Academy has been a dream for many Filipino youth across the country’s vast archipelago. To be part of the grand fraternity of men or the corps of cadets is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was only bestowed to the chosen few who have dared to traverse the road less travelled. Being a cadet of PNPA is not an easy task. It requires undying tenacity and mental fortitude in order to overcome the paramount rigors of the four-year cadetship training program. To achieve this massive feat is something that will leave a great impact and surely can be proud of. But, to garner it with your twin brother is an extra-special treasure that will echo for all eternities.

Born from a humble family, the Apurada brothers hails from Brgy.Tanza, Timawa, Iloilo City. Since childhood, they were taught to be resilient despite various adversities in life. Studying at the same school, wearing the same clothing and eating the same food, the Apurada brothers really befits the term “identical.”

They are so similar with one another in the sense that people around them are being confused with regards to their real identity. Despite that, they are unique in their own ways. They both have individual skills and capabilities which makes them stand above the rest. Upon entering college, they walked different roads. Darry Peter Apurada took up BS Criminology while Darry Anthony chose BS Mechanical Engineering. They both excelled in their chosen courses, finishing it with flying colors. Eventually, Darry Peter became a Police Officer 1, becoming a bonafide public servant. Meanwhile, Darry Anthony became a registered Mechanical Engineer. Despite their successful individual careers, they both have similar calling, to become a future public safety officer.

After trying and failing four times, they officially became part of the ALAB-KALIS Class of 2022. It was really a difficult road for both brothers as they faced the rigorous challenges inside the academy. Waking-up before the sun rises to face the rigorous day ahead. Cheerfully chanting songs during road runs. Nerve-wracking moments during dorms and ranks inspection. Having a deep reflection and asking themselves whether or not they will receive a delinquency report.

Standing proudly and firm amidst the scorching heat of the sun during parades, drills and ceremonies. Always being wary of all their actuations as they are a perfect model of order and discipline. Being bound by the “Honor code and Honor system” that molded their integrity and loyalty as they will serve the people in the society upon leaving the portals of the academy. Sleepless days and nights as they render their cadet duties and responsibilities. Facing the daunting challenge of academics that sharpened their mind and extended their intellectual capacity in order for them to be competent enough in facing the real Mccoy. And after four years of hurdling obstacles of being a cadet, finally, they became the Shepherds or the ruling class, soon-to-be officers of the tri-bureau service.

As they leave the portals of this prestigious institution, as they walk different paths, one thing will always remain; they will serve the country with utmost dedication. They will be the catalyst for exemplary public service and will champion the interest of the general public, reflecting the teachings of the Academy. A great example of sheer perseverance and undying motivation to succeed, the Apurada Twins will become the new breed of young leaders who will become the foundation for a more prosperous and peaceful nation.

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